Cary NC: Davis Drive Park

Davis Drive Park in Cary NC serves several neighborhoods, including Park Village.


Davis Drive Park in Cary NC is a very popular 15 acre recreational playground serving the neighborhoods near Davis Drive schools.
Entrance to the Park is at the traffic light at the entrance to Park Village.


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With 4 heavily-utilized soccer fields, a large play area, a basketball court, and a picnic shelter, Davis Drive Park is a great place to hang out.
You will also find a walking trail around the park and car parking access to the White Oak Creek Greenway.

Nearby Cary neighborhoods include Park Village, Giverny, MacArthur Park, Stonecrest, and Sherwood Greens.


Cary NC: Sears Farm Road Park is a wonderful oasis in West Cary

Sears Farm Road Park is a slice of nature.

Sears Farm Road Park, Cary NC

Cary NC :  Sears Farm Road Park


Sears Farm Road Park in Cary NC is a 6 acre slice of manicured recreation area in West Cary.  Surrounded by the popular Cary neighborhoods of Highcroft, Highcroft Village, and The Reserve, and Highcroft Elementary School, Sears Farm Road Park is a well-utilized park.


Cary NC :  Sears Farm Road Park


Sears Farm Road Park  has a play area, paths with many benches for relaxing, lush landscaping, a basketball court, rest rooms, greenway access, a picnic shelter, and scattered picnic tables. 


Cary NC :  Sears Farm Road Park


A kinetic sculpture, "Curvaceous Kiss,"  rises in the center of the park.  The visually intriguing piece also provides kids with a unique play structure.


Cary NC :  Sears Farm Road Park


Cary NC :  Sears Farm Road Park


Whimsical design is evident in many aspects of the park, where paths wind through shrubbery to reveal surprises to strollers.  The stormwater retention structure, a round scoop out of the ground is complemented by an earthen dome, which is very similar in size and line, in opposition to the hole in the ground.


Cary NC :  Sears Farm Road Park


Paths and structures offer several delightful meditation points in Sears Farm Road Park, complete with benches for relaxation. It may not be the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the kids putting their handprints in the cement probably felt like Stars!


Cary NC :  Sears Farm Road Park


The paths offer access to greenway, and a walk in the shade, which leads to Highcroft Elementary School.






Annie L Jones Park in Cary NC is a popular recreational site!

Annie L Jones Park in Cary NC is a great playground for everyone!

Cary NC Annie L Jones Park


Cary NC:  Annie Jones Park


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Annie L Jones Park in Cary NC is a very popular recreational destination.  At 1414 Tarbert Drive, Annie L Jones Park is well-located to serve the surrounding neighborhoods of Scottish Hills and Woodwinds, Colonial Townes, Applecross, and the Highlands.




Cary NC:  Annie Jones Park


Annie L Jones Park offers a lighted softball/baseball field, six lighted tennis courts, two basketball courts, picnic tables, a playground, restrooms, and greenway access.
The park is directly across Tarbert Drive from Scottish Hills Recreational Club, a private swim and recreation club.


White Oak Park serves several Cary NC Neighborhoods

White Oak Park in Cary serves several neighborhoods.

White Oak Park in Cary NC is an oasis for residents of several surrounding subdivisions in West Cary.


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The popular affordable neighborhood of Park Village adjoins White Oak Park, and enjoys direct street access at the rear of the park.  Nearby neighborhoods include Brookstone, Upchurch Farms, Devereaux, and Tatton Place.






White Oak Park offers a picnic shelter, basketball court, and open play soccer field, multi-use concrete court, walking trails, and access to the five mile long White Oak Creek Greenway.


MacArthur Park in Cary is a Large, Lovely, and Affordable Neighborhood

Macarthur Park Neighborhood in MacArthur Park PUD

MacArthur Park PUD in Cary, NC, is centrally located between the SW Cary Parkway and Davis Drive, two major transportation arteries that offer good access to many amenities and attractions throughout the Triangle.

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MacArthur Park is a PUD, a Planned Unit Development, within the Parkway PUD. PUDs are communities wherein the developer indicates location of features such as churches or commercial or retail development prior to commencement of development and home construction. The objective is to have a functioning planned community with few surprises for residents. MacArthur Park and Parkway PUDs accomplished this with planning for retail like the Fresh Market plaza, office condos, churches, parks and trails.

Fresh Market

Ten neighborhoods comprise MacArthur Park PUD:

Avalon, Benwick, Camelot, Canterbury, Excalibur, Gleneagles, Gralyn, MacArthur Park, Sherborne. and Southwick

The homes and neighborhoods vary broadly from modest starter homes to tract-built neighborhoods and up to fine custom homes.

See currently available homes for sale in MacArthur Park.

Directly across the Cary Parkway from the YMCA and centered in the MacArthur Park Pud is a lovely 7.5 acre open space park which accommodates the Town of Cary’s White Oak Creek Greenway and a neighborhood play area. The White Oak Creek Greenway connects MacArthur Park to Bond Park.