MacArthur Park in Cary is a Large, Lovely, and Affordable Neighborhood

Macarthur Park Neighborhood in MacArthur Park PUD

MacArthur Park PUD in Cary, NC, is centrally located between the SW Cary Parkway and Davis Drive, two major transportation arteries that offer good access to many amenities and attractions throughout the Triangle.

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MacArthur Park is a PUD, a Planned Unit Development, within the Parkway PUD. PUDs are communities wherein the developer indicates location of features such as churches or commercial or retail development prior to commencement of development and home construction. The objective is to have a functioning planned community with few surprises for residents. MacArthur Park and Parkway PUDs accomplished this with planning for retail like the Fresh Market plaza, office condos, churches, parks and trails.

Fresh Market

Ten neighborhoods comprise MacArthur Park PUD:

Avalon, Benwick, Camelot, Canterbury, Excalibur, Gleneagles, Gralyn, MacArthur Park, Sherborne. and Southwick

The homes and neighborhoods vary broadly from modest starter homes to tract-built neighborhoods and up to fine custom homes.

See currently available homes for sale in MacArthur Park.

Directly across the Cary Parkway from the YMCA and centered in the MacArthur Park Pud is a lovely 7.5 acre open space park which accommodates the Town of Cary’s White Oak Creek Greenway and a neighborhood play area. The White Oak Creek Greenway connects MacArthur Park to Bond Park.

Cary NC: North Cary Park is Wonderful!

North Cary Park, Cary, NC is a great facility with multiple uses. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, picnicking.

North Cary Park

North Cary Park is one of the Town of Cary's Great Park Facilities serving neighborhoods in the Norwell Road area!


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Located off Norwell Boulevard in North Cary, of course, North Cary Park offers tons of amenities in its 29 acres to encourage outdoor recreation and nature study.

Facilities include a soccer field, two basketball courts, four beach volleyball courts, a rock climbing feature, an excellent picnic pavilion, a modern comfort station, and a great playground with wood chip and rubberized safety surfaces for the kiddos.

Other picnic tables are scattered along shaded trails in various areas of the park.


North Cary Park


North Cary Park


North Cary Park



On the east side of the park, trails connect to the Black Creek Greenway, allowing jogging, biking, dog walking for miles through the hills of North Cary.


MacDonald Woods Park in Cary NC is just Lovely!

MacDonald Woods Park in Cary NC profiled.

MacDonald Woods Park

One of the great benefits of living in Cary, NC is the Town of Cary Parks and Recreation system of Public Parks. MacDonalds Wood Park is one of the gems, a pleasant 14 acre oasis along Seabrook Avenue.

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The park is surrounded by single family residences, in the subdivision of the same name.

It is a favorite gathering place for neighborhood kids and parents, with a great play area that has a very resilient rubberized surface, so a trip or fall does not create an immediate injury.

Along with the playground area, MacDonald Woods Park offers picnic tables, a large open grassy play area, and a basketball court.

Hinshaw Greenway runs along the eastern side of the park, and connects via footbridge across US 1 to Kids Together Playground in Marla Dorrel Park.